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The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan (2013) ทาร์ซาน

The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzani n the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 In the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885, the Congo Basin is claimed by King Leopold II of the Belgians. Leopold is now in debt for exploitation of the Congo Free State’s resources. Leopold sends his representative Leon Roma to get the famed diamonds from Opar. Rom’s expedition is massacred by warriors who are led by Chief Mbonga, who promises Rom diamonds for Tarzan.

The Earl of Greystoke is the man who was known as “Tarzan”. The Rt Hon. John Clayton, the Earl of Greystoke has fled Africa to take over his ancestral British estate. Jane, his American wife has accepted an invitation from Leopold to visit Bomain the Democratic Republic of Congo. The British Prime Minister provides Lord Greystoke with an invitation from Leopold to come to Boma. A US envoy, George Washington Williams and the Prime Minister explain to Greystoke that Leopold has defaulted on his loans , and that a visit from Greystoke who’s adventures as Tarzan earned him fame, would ensure Britain’s influence in Congo. Greystoke declines. George discloses to John, Lord Greystoke, his concerns that Leopold is in fact enslaving the Congolese population, and persuades John to go to the Congo to find out the truth. A flashback illustrates John the passing of his parents and the adoption by the great apes known as the Mangani. In Greystoke country home, Jane is telling visiting children a story. John who is in a heated argument with Jane and Jane, is having a flashback of his childhood when the age of five was, playing in the treehouse alongside his ape foster mom and foster brother Akut. Then, Alpha Male Kerchak chases him.

John, Jane, and George travel to Congo in search of a way to get around Rom and his corrupt financier, Mr. Frum, and are accepted by the Kuba village of John and Jane’s youth. Jane describes to George about John’s time with the Mangani and about how she met him for the first time. Rom and his men capture the villagers hostage, murder chief Muviro and then use Wasimbu and other young men as porters. George is able to rescue John. Jane and the villager held captive by Rom’s steamship, however, are saved by Rom. Rom informs Jane that he arranged John’s request to Leopold to be taken to Mbonga. In pursuit of the steamship John, George, and the remaining warriors of the village seize the train that is carrying Belgian soldiers and slaves Congolese. A civil engineer informs them of Rom’s plan to take over the Congo which was approved by Leopold with slave labor, Rom has built forts across the region, linked to the river by railroads and trains in preparation for an army of 20,000 mercenaries set to arrive. With Leopold bankrupt, Rom needs the diamonds of Opar to finance the army.

The search for documents that could expose Leopold, John and George leave the proof with the Kuba warriors and rescued slaves to be delivered to Boma, and the pair continue on through Mangani territory. John is forced to face his brother who is foster Akut who is the chief of the apes. John is defeated, but George and he are allowed to go on their way. Jane and Wasimbu flee the steamship to the jungle. Jane sends Wasimbu to help rally the tribes. She is certain that Rom’s soldiers will be following. Jane meets the Mangani and Rom’s soldiers set fire to the apes. John arrives and rescues Mangani survivors. Rom pursues Jane, who later takes Jane to Mbonga’s tribe. It is revealed that years ago, Mbonga’s son was killed by John because John killed John’s foster mom, Kala. Mbonga attacks John and gains the upper hand but spares the chief. George and Mangani appear and they as well as John convince Mbonga that Rom is their common foe.

Rom accepts Jane, who is about to be sold to a slave, and the diamonds are taken to Boma where the mercenary army approaches shore. John and George lead a stampede of wildebeest through town, chasing Rom’s men. The Kuba warriors board the train to free their families. John helps to save Jane and pursues Rom who is preparing to deliver the diamonds to Frum and the mercenaries. Williams is able to sink Rom’s steamship but Rom strangles John by securing him with his rosary. John uses a mating call in order to summon crocodiles and break free. Rom is then eaten by the Crocodiles. Frum and his fleet of mercenaries leave. George returns to London, where he presents Leopold an open letter exposing the brutality and slavery of the Congolese people. Jane and John move to Africa at the home of Jane’s father after a year. John and Jane rejoice at the birth of their baby boy and John goes back to Tarzan as one of the greatest Apes of the world.